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"That's awesome! I also have an app idea... can you help me build it?"

Hearing this line over and over is why I started after travelling to over 30 countries as an app owner...

But first, let me tell you how I got there in the first place...

I started out with a simple app idea... I wanted to build an app that could remind me of some confidence-building challenges I had written on a piece of paper after reading some books on the topic. 

I thought to myself what if I turned those simple challenges into an app?! What if the app reminded me of those challenges every day regardless of where I was so I could complete them and as the result boost my confidence?...

It was a cool idea but I had a lot of challenges ahead of me!

How to build an app was the first one. If you're reading this then you might relate. :)

For me, it wasn't a big challenge as I was already familiar with coding but as anyone who's done a bit of coding can tell you, when you wanna do something new, your experience won't help you much and I really didn't have the time to start learning a bunch of new things...

So I had to find a shortcut, a simpler way to build and publish my app. (To be honest I wasn't so sure about my idea and I didn't want to invest a lot of resources in it)

Long story short, I built the app after losing a lot of time, energy and resources on doing stupid things that everybody recommends online these days... ( I wasted 3 months alone on deciding what platform I should build my app for...)

Anyways, after all that, the app was finally ready...

Here's what it looked like:

But after I launched the app, nothing happened. For many days I logged into my account and saw Zero!

But then suddenly I saw this tick...

My life changed from that moment onwards to a point that I have that very chart printed and framed in my office...

I look at it every day to remind myself of how small changes can lead to big results...

What came after that moment was many months of trial and error. Trying out different things in the hope of better results...

I made over 100 mistakes but the little results which I was getting kept me going.

This is what happened after a few months full of mistakes and small incremental achievements...

After that, I started building and publishing apps non-stop. I built apps for Android, iOS and even for the web. 

And then I got bored and started travelling. 

I went to over 30 countries, had amazing conversations with a ton of interesting people and started helping start-ups and companies all over the world with their Apps. 

I helped them build apps, grow their apps, get more users, have more of their users come back and use their app. 

I helped them grow their app revenue and performance. 

Everywhere I went and almost every single person I talked to... told me this after I told them that I own apps:

"That's awesome! I also have an app idea... can you help me build it?"

I kept getting this line over and over to a point that I started thinking about packaging everything I've learned and making it available to the average person so he or she can build an app from scratch and without learning anything technical.

That's when the idea behind was born.

I had collected a ton of experience and information about building, publishing and growing mobile and web apps and most of it was just sitting there... it was about time to make it available to those interested in doing something great with apps.

Here are a few photos of me during my travels BTW...

Long story short, this is why exists. It's a way for me to help you build an amazing and profitable app from scratch and with minimum resources needed. 

Our goal is not just to build an app, our goal is to build an app that generates real, measurable and scalable results.

I wish you the best of luck and can't wait for you to get great results. :)

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