3 Mistakes That Will Result in No Downloads

If your Android or iOS app has not been getting the results you want in terms of traffic, downloads, engagement, revenue, etc. then this article is going to change that…

In this article, I’m going to break down the top 3 most important reasons why you haven’t been generating enough downloads, engagement and revenue…

So let’s get started as we have a lot to talk about!

Reason 1: Not Measuring Your App’s KPIs

The first reason which is very common among App owners is not having a daily metric to track that shows the progress of the App.

We call these metrics Key Performance Indicators. (KPI)

You’ve probably heard…

What you can’t measure, you can’t improve!

This can’t be any more true when it comes to your App’s results…

It’s crazy how many times I talk to App owners who don’t even know their daily download number!

If you don’t know how your App is doing on daily basis, then why and how do you expect it to grow?

The only way to know if your App is growing is to look at the metrics and follow them.

If you are a client of mine and you don’t know your numbers then it’s simply impossible for me to craft a plan for you to get the results you want.

Without tracking your KPIs I can assure you that your App’s going to stay the same and fall on the store ranking as you just won’t be focused on things that will generate results.

Of course, there are other metrics that are more complicated but for now, if you just follow your daily downloads then you are going to be ahead of 90% of the other App owners!

Reason 2: No Defined Your Perfect User & The Delivered Value

Almost all of the App owners I talk to have a very vague idea of who their perfect users are and how exactly they create value for them…

The tricky part is that usually, your perfect users are not who you think they are…

Same with the value you create…

Usually, the solution you bring to the marketplace is not what we think it is at the surface level.

I wrote a post on this topic that goes deep and explains why you need to have a crystal clear picture of who you want to serve:

You can read my post about how to define your perfect user here

Getting this wrong is the most costly mistake you can make!

Being laser-focused on your App’s perfect user and deciding on the value your App creates is the most valuable action you can invest your time and money in!

In fact, the biggest increase I’ve seen among the 100s of App owners I’ve worked with comes from those who have the most accurate definition of their perfect user and their App’s value.

Reason 3: Un-optimised User Facing Assets

The last reason that’s costing App owners is a series of unoptimised assets.

Let me explain what do I mean by that…

In the previous section, I mentioned that not having a clear idea of the perfect user of your App and the value your App creates is going to be a costly mistake.

Well, one way that this issue manifests itself is through your App assets…

These could be your App icon, screenshots and description which are not optimised to attract the right users or at least convey the value your App creates for the users.

I come across all kind of App owners every day and when I look at their App…

I see a mess!

Usually, they haven’t built their App store page and the App itself to properly serve the perfect user which leads to a massive uninstall rate and a very small visitor to user conversion ratio.

Optimising your App’s assets to attract the right users and convincing them to download your App is the biggest investment you can make in your App.

By having the right targeting you can be sure that your App’s competition can’t catch up with your App and you will dominate the niche and the market for which you have built your App for!

After working with 100s of App owners I can tell you that adding more features, paying for expensive ads and writing blog posts is not going to be even remotely as effective as fixing what I just explained to you in this post.

Our job as App owners is to make our Apps leaner and more efficient at serving the right users.

I’ve seen Apps fail just because they didn’t serve their perfect users properly and they tried to be everything to everyone!

That’s the recipe for failure…

You want to have at least 10,000 perfect users and serve all their needs before even thinking about expanding your market or going after a different group of people.

If you are open to new ideas and love to grow your App the right way then I recommend joining our community here.

Remember winning the App game is not about the next trick that can get you a few more downloads, but it’s about the bigger picture and your goals for the next 12–24 months…

So think big and plan accordingly.

After all, why get in the App market if you are not going to play it big!?

Also always remember that the size of your App’s success equals the size of the solution which you bring to the marketplace.

Have an amazing day!


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